Stop! Don’t Serve Wine in That Glass: What Every Host Needs to Know

Perfect glass for serving wine - 101 know your wine glasses

If you’ve mastered the basics of wine and food pairings, take the next step and match the wine to the right serving glass. This sage advice will keep your name in good standing with the book-club grapevine, too. So you know enough about wine to avoid a hick move like pairing chardonnay with a standing … Read more

You Don’t Write Letters Anymore, But You Should

Write Letters

Letters. Remember those? No, not emails. Not texts. Letters. Written by hand. On paper. Mailed via snail mail. With a stamp. They’ve gone the way of print-edition newspapers and flip phones. We’re sending 4.3 billion fewer letters and cards than we did in 2001, reports the U.S. Postal Service, a 61-percent drop from the days when … Read more