Action Required: Reducing Food Waste

Next up, as we continue our focus on reducing household waste – food. As of 2014, the average person in the United States generated 4.44 pounds of food waste each day – more than...
Learn how to make delicious creamy avocado pesto pasta.

Cooking Oil Essentials

If you've ever watched a cooking show, you know well that chefs cook often with extra-virgin olive oil. This is not surprising, since it has a mild, pleasant flavor and a wide variety of...
Plastic bag floating in pool water.

Action Required: Reducing Plastic in the Home

As a conservation scientist, and someone who has a lot of love for our amazing planet in general, it is important to me to try to minimize my ecological footprint. I recognize that I...


Mannequins in storefront of Indian Summer vintage clothing store.

5 Seattle Thrift Shops With Incredible Scores

My partner loves to visit thrift stores when we’re on vacation. She loves browsing the T-shirts for an interesting souvenir. So when we came...

Mesquite Pizza

Fresh off an overlanding trip south of the border, when we got back to SoCal Yolo and I had the urge for more of...
Flowers blooming in Parsons Garden in Seattle, Washington

Seattle’s Best Urban Parks

They don’t call it the Emerald City for nothing. Actually, no one calls Seattle the Emerald City. That’s a sure way to be branded...

It’s 60 Degrees, and We’re Skiing

I’m sitting in a coffee shop in Sacramento, reflecting on this past weekend. It brings a large smile to my face. As far as...


Hangover Helpers

Hangovers are the curse of the drinking class. Crawling out of bed the morning after a bender, head pounding, mouth as dry as 10 acres of cotton, stomach swimming in quease – it all...
The history of apples and how they're used for booze.

Barside Wisdom: The Brief History of Apple Cider

Crisp fall temps make us crave cider. Did you know that apples have been around for more than 50 million years? They popped up after dinosaurs went extinct, and have been an important food...
French bulldog wagging its tongue waiting on a treat.

Can My Dog Eat That?

We all know feeding table food, i.e., "people food," to our dog is bad, as bad as letting him hang his head out of the car window or letting him up on the furniture...

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Steak Sense

Life is too short for chuck steak. If you're going to indulge in a delicious slab of beef, get a good cut and cook...

Outfit Your Home Bar


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