5 Seattle Thrift Shops With Incredible Scores

Get to know the city by browsing its top rummage spots.

Mannequins in storefront of Indian Summer vintage clothing store.
Indian Summer Vintage Clothing Store

My partner loves to visit thrift stores when we’re on vacation. She loves browsing the T-shirts for an interesting souvenir. So when we came to Seattle on our home-finding trip, we hit up the Goodwill in Capitol Hill.

Rachael scored a new Seahawks cotton jersey for less than $5. We knew that was a good sign. Thrift stores are a great way to explore two of Seattle’s artsy, funky neighborhoods: Fremont and Capitol Hill. Pack your patience and spend an afternoon in these treasure troves.

Best Rummage

If you like thrift stores that feel like an episode of Hoarders, Fremont Vintage Market is the place for you. There’s everything from mid-mod furniture to vinyl to vintage pins. And even creepy x-rays of teeth from (I hope) a dentist’s office.

They’ve got a standout collection of local art and prints, too. And don’t miss the dollar bins of antique keys and tiny glass apothecary bottles up by the cash register. But the best find of all? I spotted not one but two vintage macrame owls. Someone buy them. They deserve a new life.

Best Modern Clothes

Capitol Hill Goodwill is not your typical Goodwill. It looks like a factory loft in Brooklyn. And the clothes aren’t old. You’ll find trendy clothing brands like ASOS, Madewell and Ellen Fisher, and most of the pieces aren’t even two seasons old.

Downstairs has home decor and furniture. I found some antique auditorium chairs and chic woven baskets, but the selections isn’t as big or packed with gems as the clothing area upstairs.

The jewelry counter at Revival clothing store in Seattle Washington.
Revival Store in Capitol Hill
Best Vintage Clothes

Indian Summer has an array of vintage frocks in all sizes, including plus. As a non-plus-size but very busty person, I appreciated seeing options in sizes 12 and 14. The shopkeeper is extremely knowledgeable about period pieces, silhouettes and cuts, from the Victorian era all the way through the ’90s.

Best Curated

Revival in Capitol Hill is oh-so-pretty. There are succulents and hip jewelry and tons of vintage LBDs. It’s like walking into the house of the coolest girl you know. But curation comes at a price. And the folks here aren’t fools.

They know exactly what they have on their hands. So while you don’t have to waste time searching for a diamond in the rough, expect higher prices and try to not scrunch up your face when you flip over the price tags.

Best Books

Elliott Bay Book Co. is where to go for new books, but Ophelia’s Books in Fremont is where to go for used offerings. It also ranks as Most Instagrammable in this roundup because there’s a loft reading nook with comfy old chairs and a spooky spiral staircase leading down to the mystery section in the basement.

Spiral staircase at Ophelia's Books in Seattle Washington.
Ophelia’s Books