In 2017, I sat down with a few close friends to talk about a new collaboration. One that would allow us to put our collective knowledge and skills to their best use, and to provide the real content and stories we craved in our own daily lives. Thus, Know How Studios was born. 

I recently came across the phrase, “Grandma Skills,” which is a clever reference to the disappearance of everyday life adeptness – a foundation on which our grandparents and great-grandparents prided themselves. Those generations tinkered in woodshops, cultivated gardens and canned their own food, sewed and mended, cooked from scratch, penned thank-you notes, bartered with neighbors, and so much more.  In times of peril or stress, they had each other’s backs, combined their skills and simply survived because of it.

Just about everyone I know is hungry for life skills: how to create gorgeous meals, how to handle DIY paint jobs or repairs, build simple furniture or wood projects, etc.. Sure, you can find a lot on the internet. But as technology’s reach grows more ubiquitous and we relinquish more tasks and skills to our devices, we seem to know less and less about the basics: how to fix things when they break, and most of all, how to be more resilient when things don’t go as planned. Enter Know How Studios.

We also feel passionate about taking on some of the difficult conversations in our community. We all have had times in our lives when we have shied away from something out of fear or discomfort. It can be hard to embrace what we don’t understand, especially subjects we likely should know more about. Things like spending habits and purchasing decisions, the etiquette for today’s social challenges, and generally being prepared for whatever life throws at us are conversations we want to have with you.

More than ever before, society is becoming more aware of the need to create a happier and healthier life. We at Know How Studios want to do everything we can help our community become as resilient as possible.

— Founder, Laurie March