Update Your Morning Coffee with Chemex

I don’t know about you, but as a certified coffee geek, I find myself always in search of the ideal cup to begin my days. The simplest, most eco-friendly, flavor-forward cup that I can find. Here’s a couple of my recent picks for dressing up both the countertop, and your cuppa joe!

The reviews are in and the Chemex is one of the top rated manual coffee makers out there. Can you believe this sleek thing was invented in 1941?  Mary Tyler Moore had a Chemex in her apartment on The Mary Tyler Moore show! The curvy glass design looks chic on your counter with its polished wood collar and leather tie. Coffee snobs suggest the glass construction allows the flavor of the coffee to be untainted making a perfectly bold cup of joe.


This gold pour over filter drops right into the top of your Chemex Classic Series, and can eliminate single use paper filters from your morning routine. Purchasing this filter one time costs less than buying a pack of paper filters! Praised for its non-clogging design, this handy little filter makes cleanup very simple, and saves a ton of paper from heading to the landfill. 


With it’s smooth gooseneck spout, Ovalware’s stainless steel kettle will give you more control over the speed, pour and temperature of your cup of coffee. The built in thermometer allows you to be as precise as possible while the heat resistant handle keeps your paws from burning. Also, it’s fun to use!



With bristles made from plant fibers and a bamboo handle this eco-friendly brush is great for cleaning inside awkward objects. Perfect for washing your Chemex, the size and curve of the brush helps make cleanup a breeze. Not only that, but a portion of the proceeds from each brush are donated to preserving the world’s natural forests. Soak the bristles for 24 hours before using to help with water absorption!


Stumptown Coffee Roasters opened in 1999 in Portland, Oregon. The founder, Duane Sorenson is known for visiting coffee farms in person. Fun fact: the man holds the record for paying the highest price ever paid for coffee beans! With the price of a bag of their beans, I am somehow not surprised. Their signature organic blend has been a star since their opening and will not disappoint.


If you’re in charge of coffee making in the morning, consider trying one or two of these fun updates to your morning ritual. Once you go “pour over” you won’t go back! Now, if only I could get the dog to make it and fetch it back to bed for me….

**This post contains affiliate links. We test products and only recommend what we love!  We’re all about trust, here – so we want you to know we may receive a small amount of compensation if you purchase from these links, which we will likely spend on french fries or coffee.  But most likely coffee.**