Travelers Notebook Giveaway

Notebook and pen laying on a desk

This giveaway is now closed. 

Here’s what is included in this giveaway: 
(Over $120 Value)

  • Handmade Gallen Leather Co. Black Notebook Cover
  • Calendar Insert 
  • Lined Paper Insert
  • A Le Pen Marvy Pen
  • Pink Designer Paperclips 

My grandmother is an excellent letter writer.  Her handwriting loops and curves, and slants across the page in her elegant cursive, all politeness and open-ended questions, like a good pen-pal. Inviting your reply. I’m long overdue a letter to my grandmother, which I will be addressing after this post, but my love affair with writing implements, sending cards in the mail, and starting a crisp, new journal began years ago.  

Today’s journal experience can be as simple or elevated as you want it to be. If you’re like me and you appreciate the ‘feel’ of things, you could crack the cover on a gorgeous ‘Travelers Notebook’ like the one we’re giving away!  If you’re unfamiliar with the Travelers’ Notebook, it was invented in Japan, specifically to live within a cover, giving the journal keeper the opportunity to customize the inserts that coordinate with it, and bind it all up with a humble elastic cord.  

They’re slim and tall, and fit easily in your hand. We picked a smooth, black leather cover and tucked in a few of our favorite Travelers’ Notebook inserts.  If you’ve ever enjoyed putting pen, pencil, or marker to page, enter here for a chance to win! Whether you are jotting down memories of your adventures, penning a novel, or simply sketching the scene, this bundle will make you smile. Happy travels!