Fearless Women Makers

We are proud to present these hand-selected and handmade products, perfect for all of the outspoken badasses in your life.

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If there is a topic we’ve seen trending and inescapably in the spotlight this year, it is women’s rights. The Women’s Rights Movement began in the 19th century and saw a second wave of activism in the 1960s and 1970s. Contemporary events, such as the #TimesUp campaign, have once again pushed the movement’s concerns to the forefront of national consciousness.

Time drives change and evolution, and dynamic movements do what they do best – move. Twenty-first century women are breaking barriers and pushing boundaries within our society. As more and more women become family breadwinners, expectations continue to shift in terms of how they balance their work responsibilities, childcare needs and personal lives.

The Women’s March held Jan. 21, 2017 was the largest single-day protest in United States history. People gathered nationwide to advocate for a slate of issues, including equality for women, racial minorities and the LGBTQ community, immigration reform, workers’ rights, reproductive rights and healthcare policy reform.

Against a politically charged and highly polarized backdrop, activism and outspokenness appear to be gaining broad momentum. Women are increasingly aware of their basic human rights. Galvanized through social media and candid symbolism, they are fearless in their efforts to demand change from government and political institutions.

In honor of these women – past, present and future – who demand and fight for equality, here is a special gift guide. Ideal for any independent, badass woman in your life, most of these products either come from women-owned businesses or feature a female hand in the design or production process.*

*Company representatives confirmed that their products are designed and made by both women and men, although they cannot guarantee that a given product has been created by a member of a specific gender. Also, since many of these items are handmade, lead times may exceed a holiday unveiling. A nice photo and a note can help ease the anticipation, and we doubt anyone will object to receiving additional gifts in January.