Metallic Finishes + Plants = Winning

Inspired in part by Kanye West, here’s a collection of functional bling to accessorize your indoor and outdoor gardening adventures.

It’s no secret, we love plants here at Know How Studios. From more ubiquitous greens like fiddle-leaf fig and staghorn fern to lesser-known selections like Chinese money plant or a foxy French lavender, there are so many growing things that fascinate.

Often, the plants we bring into our lives become part of the family. And, since they’re easier to care for than most pets, we tend to want to spoil them rotten. (Maybe that’s not the best choice of phrase for plants?) It’s fun to take care of them with the right soil, attractive plant stands – and the perfect lighting. 

All of which brings us to the unlikely intersection where gardening accessories and Kanye West lyrics meet. “Now I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger … ” But, digging up weeds with a brass shovel seems like it might make garden chores so much more glamorous. Right?? Or maybe you could ‘make it rain’ on your houseplants with a silver-toned watering can.  Or was it platinum, baby?

Mixed metals and metallic finishes have roots that extend beyond fashion, mega-music stars, and interiors. Nerd alert, here comes a little science: Precious metals like gold, silver and platinum are rare and naturally occurring. Their relative scarcity translates into high economic value.

Then you have base metals, which are more common and include copper, brass, and bronze. Did you know that brass is a mixture of copper and zinc? Or that bronze is copper mixed with tin? Copper is, well, just copper, but it’s not rare enough to be especially expensive – unless you’re looking for a hand-hammered sink.

The two most common uses for metals are coinage and jewelry – wealth and power. See the connection here to music moguls? I think we are drawn psychologically to metals because they are shiny, and like sun or water, they make us feel connected to nature. But metals can also reflect a sense of importance.

It’s no wonder people want bright, glittering metals around their necks, in their pockets, and in their homes. So embrace a gold digger, or one of these other blingy garden implements, and go ‘head – get down and dirty.

  1. Gold Digger Hose
  2. Nozzle Brass
  3. Glass Terrarium
  4. Gem Facets Planter
  5. Planto Polished Watering Can
  6. Gnome with Gold Hat
  7. Kikkerland Plant Mister
  8. Spun Metal (Brass) Standing Planter
  9. Copper Pruning Shears
  10. Garden Tool Set with Wooden Box in Copper/Brass Finish
  11. Lantern Silver Small