Seattle’s Best Latte Art

Take a pause with the mermaid cup. These sips are as pretty as they are delicious.

latte art coffee
The baristas at Caffe Zingaro enjoy a creative challenge.

Seattleites will tell you that no other city on Earth has as many coffee shops. And they’re probably right. Steamed. Poured. Dripped. Brewed. However you take your coffee, you can find it here. That coffee know-how doesn’t stop with good beans. Seattle baristas are raising the bar with Instagram-worthy latte designs.

South Lake Union

Coffee shops are popping up left and right in South Lake Union, catering to Amazon’s growing campus and workforce. But if you’re not Team Coffee, head to Fresh Flours for the best green tea latte of your life. It’s especially tasty with coconut milk. Barista West Smith loves to do dainty feathers and the design looks beautiful against the neon green matcha.

green tea
An embellished green tea latte at Fresh Flours.


The travel-inspired Mabel coffee shop has postcard decoupage, map art and a travel journal for customers to sign. It’s really about community here. The back half of the shop is reserved for open workspace and meeting areas. And the espresso used in the lattes comes from local roaster Fundamental Coffee Co. (which, this author believes, is the best-tasting coffee in town). Barista Amanda Munroe loves the coffee community and admits she orders lattes not for the coffee but to see the art. She’s currently studying the art of pouring and playing with foam as it pours. Ask for her classic floral rosetta.


A charming Craftsman-style bungalow greets you with warm wood, cozy decor … and screaming death metal blasting from the speakers as soon as you walk through the door. Fremont Coffee Company is the epitome of Seattle. Just like the funky neighborhood, the cafe produces whimsical latte art. (If Diana is working, ask for the unicorn.) Barista Rob Klein, who makes a fun and festive snowman, said the best things Seattle’s coffee community are the people and fellow artists.

Latte art Seattle
This snowman awaits you at Fremont Coffee Company.


Ever had a purple latte? You can order a taro (sweet potato) latte at family-owned Moore Coffee Shop. And if that wasn’t over-the-top enough, the shop is known for its latte cartoons, from Hello Kitty to Shrek. Anna Hernandez is the genius behind the counter and she can whip up just about any critter in your cup, such as this lovable bear.

latte art mosue
A delightfully decorated taro latte from Moore Coffee Shop.

Queen Anne

Caffe Zingaro is exactly where you want to be on a rainy Seattle afternoon. The cafe is super-cozy with books, board games, giant tropical plants and floor-to-ceiling windows that make the most of the fleeting city sunlight. Baristas Taylor Westerlump and James Ly serve up beautiful lattes, featuring local espresso brand Lighthouse Roasters. Westerlump says he loves the challenge and enjoys improving his craft with new designs, such as the swan he’s working on right now.

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