The Modern Lunchbox

Check out solutions both new and enduring for efficient, enjoyable mobile meals.

Innovative and environmentally friendly lunchbox products for people on the go.

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These days, we eat and drink while on the move. For many, three squares at home are a rarity, but that doesn’t mean we have to forego the benefits of home-cooked meals. Flexible work schedules paired with environmental concerns drive a demand for innovative products.

Let’s pause for a moment, however, to retrace a time-honored solution. According to Wikipedia, bento is “a single-portion take-out or home-cooked meal common in Japanese cuisine.” It is noted that bento containers have been in use since at least the 16th century, with the bento concept itself dating back even further.

The bento box endures, and when used as a lunch box, its compartments make meal prep and portion control simple. Modern variations incorporate flatware, modular containers and eating mats. The Prepd Pack even comes with its own app, where you can search for recipes, track nutrition, organize your shopping list, and share tips with other Prepd users.

Adjacent to the bento box, a host of emerging gadgets combine savvy designs with creative advances in science and technology – from water bottles that send daily-intake reminders, to antibacterial metal containers, to reusable beeswax paper that helps keeps food fresh.

These products can help minimize packaging and food waste associated with workday meals. We also like the idea of applying Leave No Trace principles: Plan ahead and prepare your lunch, then enjoy it in a park. Dispose of waste properly and remember to pack out whatever you pack in.

We’ve collected some of our favorite finds here, and we’d love to know how you handle on-the-go eating. Tag us on Instagram (@knowhowstudios) and share your tips and ideas.