Inspired by the Valley of Fire

Keep faraway destinations close at hand with functional objects and art that reference the desert's beautiful palette.

Home items inspired by the Valley of Fire

There is a story that appeared in my inbox this month that I particularly like because it combines a great read with captivating photographs. Anthony Carrino, a designer, photographer and TV personality, writes about his journey through the Valley of Fire.

The most intriguing part of his post, however, isn’t the words he uses or the images he shares, it is his ability to challenge each of us to get outside and try new things. In an age when everything is at our fingertips, it is a nice reminder that the fullness of life is experienced when we leave our computers and phones behind and seek out adventure.

Can’t drop everything and head out now? Me neither, but we can bring the desert home by decorating with plants, curiosities, textiles, and art as constant reminders that adventure is just around the corner.

I also enjoy reading books about far-off places and ideas as a journey for my mind and spirit. I recommend The Valkyries by Paulo Coelho (my favorite author!). Set in the Mojave Desert, the story is about conquering your demons and discovering your inner strength.

In the words of Anthony Carrino, “Until the next adventure.”

  1. Valley of Fire Art Print
  2. Oversized Shifting Sands Art
  3. Motorcycle Helmet Rack
  4. African Mud Cloth Accent Pillow
  5. Leather Diamond Tribe Accent Pillow Cognac
  6. Portable Fireplace Candle by D.S. and Durga
  7. Skidmore’s Leather Cream
  8. Walnut Bluetooth Alarm Clock
  9. The Valkyries by Paulo Coelho
  10. Linen Venice Set